Thank You Notes van klanten

die graag willen laten weten hoe ik ze geholpen heb

Meet the Mary Poppins of process planning. Inge will probably deny her magical powers when you ask her, but trust me, your business will never be the same after she leaves.
I doubt you ever met someone who likes to eat time strategy and process planning books for breakfast!

Inge truly LOVES her work (I’m not even sure if it’s work for her!) She’s a genius at what she does and such a pressure to work with!
While most (creative) entrepreneurs may start yawning and roll their eyes when they have to talk structures, systems and standard operating procedures, her eyes just light up!
Inge is an absolute genius when it comes to project design and optimising processes and workflows. I think most people underestimate the power of her work because most of us don’t want to have this boring stuff to enter our brains. We want to be out there, talking to our clients, work on amazing projects, unleash our creativity, make money and change the world.

But when Inge works her magic and puts all the right systems into place you’ll start to notice the subtle differences that will help you evolve your business in all the right places. (You’ll feel more in control, there will be less frustration and you’ll have more time to do the things you really love, like bringing in new clients who feel pampered because everything runs so smoothly!)

Marielle Hoogenboom

CEO, Be Booming

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